How do we encourage more women into executive positions in Australia?

By Clare McCartin, Group General Manager, Executive & Boards at Davidson

Elizabeth Cosson is a name which should long be remembered in Australian history.

In April, Cosson was appointed to the role of Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs heralding the realisation of what had been a dream for many –gender parity in the upper echelons of the Australian Public Service (APS).

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Primary care-giving and leadership in the public sector — ‘the balance has shifted’

By Clare McCartin

Changing the conversation: from gender equality in the workplace to gender equality in primary care and how this will increase the number of women in leadership in the public sector.

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Encouraging women to reach for leadership in the NSW Public Sector

Top 50 Public Sector Women 2018

While women make up two-thirds of the NSW Public Sector workforce, they still hold just over one-third of senior leadership positions in the sector. There is no good reason for this and the reality of seeing gender parity in the workforce remains long overdue.

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Less than a week to recognise Victoria & NSW’s top women in public sector

Nominations for the Top 50 Public Sector Women list for NSW close on May 7 and with the representation of women in executive positions in the NSW still lagging behind men, it is critical we work to recognise women who have paved the way.

Nominations for the Top 50 Public Sector Women (Victoria) list will be accepted until June 11.

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